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The College

 Our College was the sixth to be established at Lancaster University and is named after the Fylde peninsula in western Lancashire.

Our logo is of a windmill and each of the 6 student blocks in the Courtyard off Fylde Avenue are named after windmills within the Fylde area (Clifton, Kirkham, Lytham, Marton, Pilling and Thornton). Our coat of arms includes a windmill, the Red Rose of Lancaster and two discs of water which represent the River Lune and the River Ribble and our College colours are gold, orange and black.

Fylde are renowned for its sporting prowess and many victories. But also known its academic success, having the best accommodation on campus and organising many of the best events and socials!

2011 was a particularly exciting year for the College as we will also be celebrating our 40th Anniversary.

You can find out more information about Fylde College by clicking on some of the links in the Sidebar or have a look though the NEW Website!

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