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There are laundry facilities found in a laundrette which we share with Furness.

A wash costs £1.70 and lasts approx. 34minutes and a dry costs £1.30 and lasts approx. 50minutes.

You can view which laundry machines are free online and via the iLancaster app.


You need a circuit card to use the machines, it is really easy to use.

  1. You get a card from a machine in the laundrette, this costs £5, and you get some money on the card from this.
  2. You can then top up at www.circuit.co.uk where once you’ve followed their top up process, you will be given a code
  3. You place your card in the Top Up machine and enter your code, this then tops up your card!
  4. You can now use it in any of the machines.


Some laundry tips:

  • Don’t mix colours and whites unless you use a colour catcher
  • Use the right settings on the machines for the clothes you are washing
  • Clean the lint filters on the dryers
  • Check which dryer you’re using and putting your card in as there is one card slot for top and one for the bottom (You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve made this mistake and paid for someone else’s laundry!)