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Elections 2013

The JCR Exec is formed by a group of students who are elected for positions of representation, necessary to the management of the college’s social life, welfare, sports activities and as a voice for all students of the college in various cross-campus discussions.

First and foremost the JCR Exec is a team that works in the interest of Fyldians and welcomes interaction and communication with the members of our college. If you are interested, these elections give YOU a chance to run for one of the positions listed below.

To nominate yourself, follow this link  (Nominations Board Viewable at the Bottom of This Page)
For more information, contact the current JCR Exec Chair  Joseph Short at j.short@lancaster.ac.uk or Facebook

Elections Booklet with all  the information for candidates Elections Leaflet


? Communications Officerexceccommspic

As Media and Communications Officer, I would say the best thing about the role was being at the centre of all the digital outlets that belonged to Fylde. The experience that you gain, and the people that you meet make the experience that much better. Being a part of the JCR really does make you feel like you are contributing something to your college, and your university. I cannot recommend this position more for any Fylde student that has a bit of gumption about them. If you work well in a team and are in synch with media and technology, you’ll love this job! If you have any questions about this position, please get in touch with me over Facebook or email me at p.harrison2@lancaster.ac.uk

Arielle? Publicity Officer

As Publicity Officer for Fylde, I have most enjoyed being able to exploit my creativity for the good of the college and the constant interaction between myself and the other officers. Being an officer has been a great experience that has raised my awareness of the college system and helped me appreciate what a good thing we’ve got going at Lancaster University and especially in Fylde College. This post is perfect for someone who has good time-management, works well in a team and is committed to giving back to Fylde. If you have any questions about the position feel free to get in touch with me either on Facebook or by email at a.planchette@lancaster.ac.uk.

? Education and Employability OfficerDimeji

Hi I’m Dimeji,  current Fylde Academic Officer. This position will slightly change from my current role because employability is now within your remit. Since my time as academic officer, I have been working on ways to encourage students to complain more, to put it simple. I have also been working very closely with the SCR on careers workshops, inviting groups such as the Bright Future Society and Enactus.

I would encourage you to run for this position because you could potential play an important role in the future of a fellow Fylde student. Also working alongside the JCR is an enlightening experience. You also get to work with Sue who is undoubtedly the most helpful individual in the university. Finally you get free guest list to sugar…EVERYWEEK

Omar? International Officer

Hi, I’m Omar, current International Officer for Fylde College. As the International Officer for Fylde College, you get to experience all the different roles in the JCR Exec.

You plan socials and events, hold interviews for Freshers’ Reps, Advertise and promote college activities, run welfare campaigns, budget big events and plan Freshers’ Week for International Students! Apart from the things mentioned above you get opportunities to represent Fylde College at conferences in other Universities and network with people in and outside Lancaster University, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

It’s hard to cover everything in such a small space, but I can assure you that the experience from this post will tick all the boxes in your résumé.

? Female and Male Welfare OfficersSamChrissi

As Welfare Officers we represent you to ensure your views and concerns are heard. We are part of the discussions regarding campus wide issues, and we also get to implement campaigns to support minority groups and promote unity. We both enjoyed learning more about different organisations and getting involved in student politics. It has enabled us to understand how diverse the university students are and all the different activities that go on behind the scenes. It has been a challenging year, especially with regards to making sure that Fylde students were safe throughout Freshers week and drank responsibly! We implore you to run for a welfare position and wish you the best of luck.

Take Care! Sam & Chrissi.
? Socials and Events OfficersRobynArron

Hi we are Arron and Robyn, your current Social and Events Officers for Fylde College. We work together to make sure you have the best time possible at university. Our main role as social officers is to organise a wide variety of different socials, both on and off campus, as well as alcohol fuelled and non-alcoholic socials. Also it is within our remit to organise Fylde’s annual Winter Ball, allowing students to don their best suits and dresses and embrace the festive spirit.

Also we write and host a weekly pub quiz in Fylde bar, which will allow you to learn a vast array of pointless facts, making you a formidable member of any future quiz team.

Myself and Robyn would thoroughly encourage anyone with a love for organising events and socials to run for this position, as in retrospect we have both had a brilliant time being your social officers and a valued part of Fylde JCR.

? Chair and Democracy OfficerJoe

Hello, I’m Joe, current Chair and Democracy Officer, and I’m responsible for  the impartial oversight of the JCR exec activities. Your role will be crucial to ensure that the views of all Fylde students are represented at the exec meetings. You will write the agendas for the exec meetings and be responsible for the monitoring of attendance of the other exec members. You would also be the one running the JCR elections for Fylde!

I have enjoyed my time on the JCR exec not just because of the experience that it has given me in a professional sense, but also the fact that I have made so many new friends and had some great times with them.

So, I would recommend that any student run for the exec. If you think you have the ability to run a successful election period, could chair a meeting and be in charge of a budget for the college then the role of Chair and Democracy Officer could be for you!

Jamie? Vice President: Welfare

Hi, I’m Jamie, Vice President of Welfare which is a diverse, challenging and rewarding role all in one. You are responsible for the whole welfare team which involves organising and facilitating a variety of welfare campaigns, charity events and International events. However as well as the “welfare” part of the role title you are also “Vice President” This means you will be involved in other more general duties such as deputising for the president, Choosing and organising Freshers’ Reps and possibly sitting on Union Council. I very much enjoyed my time as VP Welfare and would recommend it to anybody with good leadership and an active interest in student welfare.

? Vice President: Socials and Events Christie

Hi I’m Christie, and I’m currently VP Social and Events. Not only does the VP aid in the running of the JCR and deputising the President when required, but I also work closely with the Socials Team to deliver fantastic events through out the year. One of the main events the VP Social & Events is responsible for is Extrav, the big end of Year Festival hosted in Fylde courtyard. This required good planning, team work and finical understanding. The JCR will be hand to aid in this.

What I have enjoyed through out this year is skills I have learnt that will aid me in job applications, but also the great feeling of giving something back to the college that I love. By being on the JCR I have met people and gained friends that I wouldn’t have had the chance to, if it wasn’t for being elected into this role. I would advise anyone with the right personality and time keeping skills to run for this position, as it’s one of the most enjoyable things I have done.

Simon? President

Hi, I’m Simon, Fylde President, meaning I oversee everything happening within the college. This role requires the management of all the other 14 officers of the JCR executive. It encompasses the organising of socials, campaigns, and sports events, whilst also ensuring that we as a team are representing the views of each member of Fylde!

 As President, it would be your responsibility to organise and run Freshers’ Week in September, which you should always try to make more unforgettable than the previous one! You also automatically represent the college on LUSU council, making sure you get the best for Fylde!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the JCR, and would recommend this role to someone capable of time management, and also bags of energy!

Important Info

Firstly Nominations open Monday 10am
Close Friday 5pm

Drop in session Wednesday 3-4pm 4-5pm

Hustings Monday Week 8, 6pm Fylde Lecture Theatre 1

Voting opens Wednesday Week 8 10am
Closes Friday Week 8 5pm

If you have any issues email your library card number to elections@lusu.co.uk and you’ll receive a code shortly after!


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