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Freshers Week Guide

Countdown to Freshers Week 2013!



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Here is a basic guide to everything going on in freshers week, a more detailed guide will be available in the Fresher Packs and you’ll also need the university freshers guide for all the compulsory events, we’ll keep updating it with more information all the time so keep checking back for more 😀

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arrivals dayFreshers Week starts on Arrivals Day – the 28th September 2013 from 10am! Just follow this link to get all the information about what to do on Arrivals Day, if you have any issues or questions just get in contact with us and we’ll get back to you asap 🙂

Here’s a quick run down of all the Freshers Week Nights Out, and a downloadable timetable that you can download to your device.

To get into all the Freshers Week Nights Out, you’ll need to buy a Freshers Pack, this includes all the wristbands, tickets and a Big Night Out Tshirt along with loads of freebies, you can buy this on Arrivals Day when you pick up your keys. You will also be able to pick up your Fylde College Membership pack (if you haven’t paid your college membership you need to before you arrive) and you’ll also be able to find out about the Fylde Freshers Boat Trip which the SCR Organise.

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Day2Sunday 29th;

Go away this summer? We’re giving you a chance to relive summer for one more night, with a massive FOAM PARTY in Elements Nightclub, don your beach wear, beach balls and inflatables for your first night out in Lancaster!




Day3Monday 30th;

Tonight we’re visiting nearly every bar on campus, all 9 of them as animals! Grab your Animal Onzies, zebra costumes or any other animal fancy dress. I guess you could call this “Fylde goes to the Zoo(vies)”!




Day4Tuesday 1st;

Tonight’s your BIGGEST night out on LUSU’s BIG – NIGHT – OUT!! Visit the biggest bars in Lancaster with your reps, ending in The Sugarhouse – The Student Unions Nightclub!! You’ll need your Big Night Out Tshirt which comes in the Freshers Pack.




Day5Wednesday 2nd;

Tired already? Tonight is a night off, with a onesie/pyjama party in the common room and a fifa tournament, food and other entertainment in Fylde Bar!




Day6Thursday 3rd;

Been good or bad? Tonight we’ll find out, with our Heaven & Hell night at Bentleys and Lounge, are you an Angel or Devil?





Day7Friday 4th;

Know how to keep a secret? Tonight you’ll be visiting the swankiest places in Lancaster, ending up with a casino night in Dalton Rooms that even James Bond himself would be proud of!




Day8Saturday 5th;

This is yours and your reps chance to explore Lancaster your OWN way! See the good, the bad, and the down right ugly! That’s if you’re still up for it that is…?!




Day9Sunday 6th;

Been keeping track throughout the week? Head down to Fylde bar and test your knowledge to win some amazing prizes, at our Fylde Pub Quiz!




Here is a digital version of the timetable avliable here or to download to your device! (Subject to updates/changes)
This is simply a basic guide to refer to and more details are available from the University’s Fresher Guide (you’ll get a copy when you arrive), LUSU (The Student Union) Freshers Page, and from the Fylde Timetable available in your Fresher Pack.


Download the calendar here. If you have any issues just send us an email.


Loads More Information To Come Shortly and there’s loads more information on the other freshers week pages, all linked below! And Like our fresher’s Facebook page 😀

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