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Arrivals Day

Freshers Week starts on Arrivals Day – the 28th September 2013 from 10am! We recommend you arrive early between 10-4pm to make sure you’ve got plenty of time to move in, meet your flatmates and be there in time for the introductory talks and goings on 🙂

Need Directions to Lancaster University? The University has loads of info or for google maps directions click here

Once you have reached Lancaster University you need to drive up to Fylde College


Once you have arrived at the big blue buildings (We have no idea why they are blue either haha), you need to park up (do not park in the courtyard yet please)

Stich No Mask 3

Then you’ll need to walk down from Fylde Main Residences (The Big Blue Buildings) to Fylde Common Room in Fylde Quad, Fylde College, the room with big white doors, seen below, with some form of ID to collect your keys and welcome pack.



Graduation 072

There will also be a chance to purchase a Freshers Pack…We’ll have Loads More Information To Come Shortly! 😀