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Lancaster 101

The Union (LUSU)

Every student enrolled at Lancaster University is a member of Lancaster University Students Union (LUSU). LUSU’s aim is to “Provide a mix of representation, activities and services for Lancaster students”. In very basic terms this equates to; elected officers, Sports teams and societies and retail services such as the campus shops and the sugarhouse.

LUSU is famed for its acronyms so here are some you will almost definitely come across during your time here:

LUSU – as you already know stands for Lancaster University Students Union

FTO – This stands for Full Time Officer. There are 6 of these elected officers and they are the most senior officers in the union and work full time to run the union with the help of the staff members

CCO- Cross Campus Officer. These are elected officers who represent the whole of campus

JCR Exec (often just called JCR) – Junior Common Room executive committee. The JCR exec consists of officers elected on a college level and  put on events and campaigns within the college for you to enjoy

For more information about LUSU visit – www.lusu.co.uk

The Campus

Lancaster University campus is situated in Bailrigg approximately 3 miles south (aka a short bus journey) of the City Centre. All of the academic venues (e.g. lecture theatres, seminar rooms, labs, the library) are situated on the campus as is the vast majority of the university managed accommodation. There are many services on campus that mean if you live here you would rarely have to leave if you so wished. A highlight of the services on campus include:

Food and drink

  • 9 college bars
  • Subway – an international fast food chain specialising in sandwiches
  • Greggs – a national bakery chain
  • Sultans – An Indian based takeaway serving curries, pizzas, kebabs, burgers etc.
  • Pizzetta – A Greek based Pizza takeaway that also serves everything you’d expect from a takeaway
  • Wongs – A Chinese takeaway
  • Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar – A burger restaurant/takeaway specialising in high quality burgers
  • The Venue – A café that serves coffees, sandwiches, salads etc.



  • LUSU central – A convenience store selling a wide variety of groceries
  • LUSU shop – exclusively sells university branded clothing as well as a wide range of stationary, also sells food to go such as sandwiches and fruit. Also run by the students union
  • SPAR – A national convenience retail chain with a similar product range to LUSU central
  • Blackwells – The campus book shop
  • St. Johns Hospice charity shop
(It is also worth noting that major supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s all offer delivery services that serve the campus)
For More Info On Places To Eat on Campus Check Out http://www.lancaster-catering.co.uk/


  • Barclays and Santander – The two national banks that operate on campus
  • The post office – post parcels/letters, Currency exchange and much more
  • NHS doctors surgery
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacy
  • Chaplaincy centre – A large facility that accommodates all religions
  • Travel agent

For more information about the facilities available on campus visit: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/about-us/theuniversity/our-campus/

The City

Lancaster is the County town of Lancashire situated in North West England. It has a population of approximately 46,000 making it a very small for a City. It is a short bus ride (approximately 15 minutes) from the university campus. It has good transport links, the train station is located near the city centre and has services to the major cities of; London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow among others. The bus station has services to more nearby locations such as; Morcambe, Preston, Blackpool and the Lake District. Lancaster is a very historic city with a castle and a cathedral among some of its most notable architecture.

The city has all of the major facilities and services that you would expect, highlights include:

  • Supermarket (Sainsburys)
  • Multiplex Cinema (VUE)
  • Nightclubs and Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Theatre
  • Banks
  • Clothes shops (including national chains such as Topshop, River Island, New look, M&S etc)
  • International shops including Chinese and Polish

This is by no means an extensive list of everything that Lancaster has to offer, I would advise that you grab a few friends and head to the City to explore your new home from home.


There are loads more maps and guides on the university website 🙂 http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/contact-and-getting-here/maps-and-travel/maps/