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What To Bring?

Here’s a little checklist for things you may want to bring:

For Your Room:

* Laptop – If you’ve got one, however there are loads of computer on campus too!

* Mobile Phone – to call home and let everyone know you’re having an amazing time!

* TV, but make sure you get a TV licence!  (If you don’t want to pay for a TV licence, just use on demand services like iPlayer, 4od, Sky Go etc, all your favourite shows for FREE!)

* Personalise your room, make it feel more like home with photos and posters, you’ll be there for a year so make it your own, use white tack on your walls.

* An alarm clock for when things are worth getting up for.

* Stationary; lectures will start eventually! Not just the obvious pens, pencils etc. But also sellotape, pins for your pin boards, stapler, paper and post it notes – even if you just end up coving a flatmates room in them!

* Books – any essential reading material for your course, they will also be available from the library but in limited numbers.

* Printer – often cheaper than printing in the library.

* Bedding – Pillows, duvet; unless you’ve bought a bedding pack from the University (There are loads of information about accommodation here)

* Clothes and Fancy Dress and at least one formal outfit, not just for Fresher’s Week! You will end up in Sugar in some random Fancy Dress later in the year! Oh and hangers for everything too of course 🙂

* A Coat for that famous Lancaster weather.

* A laundry bag, whether it’s an Ikea Bag, suitcase, anything to get down to the laundrette without leaving a trail of clothes!

* ID, bring at least 2 forms, not only for night outs but also for registration for university. As well as your National Insurance Card and a passport photo or 2 – no matter how bad it is! If your coming from abroad make sure you get a photocopy of your passport just in case.

* All your bathroom essentials, towels, toothbrush etc.


For The Kitchen:

* Pots/Pans

* Utensils and cutlery

* Plenty of glasses and mugs!

* Food and Drink – Fresher’s Week is going to be hectic and you may not get chance to go shopping. There’s always Spar or LUSU shops on campus if you forget anything and plenty of places in town.

* If you are going into town on a food shop, buy or get a ‘Bag For Life’, save you spilling your shopping on the bus when the bag splits!

* Washing up Liquid, it has to be done sometime!

* Tea Towels, bring a few – you’ll need them.

* The best advice we can give, is to get the Bottom Freezer draw (it’s the biggest) and the Top shelf in the fridge (nothing will leak onto your stuff) but there is plenty of space for all your stuff


What You’ll Get:

* An Ethernet cable.

* Guides to just about everything! They ARE worth reading.

* Each kitchen will have a toaster, kettle, iron, ironing board, hoover, mop and brush.

Should anything not be there or damaged, make sure you report it straight away!

* Carefully fill out any forms your given, they’ll be loads going on, but filling them in carefully will help you in the long term!

* Loads of freebies!


There are loads more information on accommodation from the university at http://www.lancs.ac.uk/sbs/accommodation/index.html