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Each December the entire university goes into an election period and new JCR members are appointed to take up office the following January. They serve the college for a year before passing their roles onto the next cohort. (Sports officers are elected at the end of Summer term)

Anyone in the college can get involved in the JCR exec. They will receive invitations to nominate themselves if they wish and can then take part in a campaign to win the support of their fellow students through hustings, posters, block runs and any other creative ideas they can come up with!

Its not just JCR exec that you can stand for! You can stand for what are known as CCO positions (or Cross Campus Officers) these are positions where you don’t just represent Fylde but the entire University!

Anyone can run for these positions if they are in Fylde and as a Fylde student you are entitled to vote for your JCR exec and CCOs. All the voting is done online to make it super easy!

Near the end of Lent term, the university elects its new FTOs. These are Full Time Officers and they are normally people about to finish their degree. An FTO holds office from September to June and is in a full time job as a result. They are the ones who run the day to day activities for LUSU and represent students on the highest level. Fylde has a great record of getting LUSU FTOs as an example the current LUSU President, Ste Smith, served Fylde JCR for 2 terms.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can get involved in the democracy  of the University and the college. And not only that, its great fun and you will make so many new friends by taking part!