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What do you gain?

Being a JCR Officer has many benefits:

  • You get the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process at College, Union and University level
  • You get the opportunity to represent students
  • You’ll make a great group of friends
  • You can make a difference and raise awareness for different causes eg. running Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns
  • It looks great on your CV!
  • You learn to work with different people
  • It can go towards your Lancaster Award
  • You get the opportunity to network with people
  • You learn transferable skills such as communication, leadership, team work and the list goes on…
  • LUSU helps to develop your employability through the support they have available
  • The lovely people at Sugarhouse let you have free entry and queue jump if you ask nicely 😉

Would you be good for the job?

Different positions need different skills, however, all Officers need to have commitment and a willingness to learn about their new role. Team work is essential in every position and communication is also important.