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Here is a selection of photos from various Fylde Events. For all the photographs please check out our Facebook Page.


Extrav 2013 – Toy Story

Photos from the Big End of Year Party – Extrav!


Socials 2013

Photos from various socials including Big Night Out and Christmas Ball


Carter Shield 2013

Photos from Carter Shield!


Freshers Week 2012

A selection of photos from Freshers Week 2012!


Freshers Ball 2012

A selection of photos from Freshers Ball 2012!


Extrav 2012

A selection of photos from 2012 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fylde Extrav!

Fylde Extrav 2011

A selection of photographs from the fantastic Cirque du Fylde Extrav 2011. Huge congratulations to James Mitchell on his successful event and thanks to Jordan Finneran for taking so many brilliant photographs.


Carter Shield 2011

A few snaps from various Carter Shield sports in 2011. A huge thanks to Nik McCarthy and Kieron Waterson for leading us to Carter Shield victory this year!


General Fylde College Pics

A selection of general photographs taken from in and around the College.


Gallon Challenge 2010

A few photographs from the final ever Gallon Challenge!