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Fylde College is the home of sport at Lancaster University! As a college we frequently dominate and have a great history of successes across numerous sports throughout the history of Fylde. Many students choose to come to Fylde specifically because of our triumphs in sport, but the main reason we are so good is our commitment to sport and team work! Team members are all extremely close and support one another to do their best! Sport is important in Fylde because it shows our strength of community and dedication to help one another to succeed!

We have lots of sports for people to get involved in!

*Female netball teams
*Male football teams
*George Wyatt Cup – Bar Sports leagues
*Carter Shield which anyone and everyone can get involved with every week
*Legends Shield which combines our teams and others who want to get involved at the end of the year

Here is the best way to keep up to date with all aspects of activities for Fylde and teams to get involved with http://sports.lusu.co.uk/leagues


If you don’t think competing is for you, show your dedication to the college and get involved by cheering on your teams and supporting them every week by coming down to the netball courts, football pitches or the bar! It’s a great way to possibly get involved, make friends and have fun!

The best way to get involved is to get in touch with the team Captains or your Sports Officers for Fylde who can pass on any questions and provide any information you need! They are:

Sarah Pratt s.pratt@lancaster.ac.uk
Tom Skinner t.skinner@lancaster.ac.uk