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George Wyatt Shield

Fylde has a reputation for being a sporting college and even when those sports take place in the college bar there is no exception.  With recent successes in the Pool league with two B league titles in two years and six of our darts players making the 2012 Roses teams, Fylde is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the George Wyatt Shield.

The George Wyatt Shield has six different competitions: men’s darts, women’s darts, men’s A pool, men’s B pool, women’s pool and dominoes, each of which count towards the overall title.  Each team has its own captain and each is always looking for new talent.  Trials take place each year during fresher’s week for the captains to scout out the best talent.  However people always slip through the net and if you contact any of the captain’s they’d love for you to get involved.

Bar Sports is a great atmosphere, with the George Wyatt Shield running on Monday and Tuesday nights in terms one and two, followed by Fylde Masters in term three and of course the annual alumni sporting event Legends to contest there are plenty of chances to test your metal.  With regular socials for all team members and 49 places available each week for competition Fylde bar sports pushes for more success, and to have a good time while we do it.

For more information contact the team captains or your JCR Sports Officers – Tom Skinner or Sarah Pratt.